CSF03 Water/Rain proof mirror film for Car rear view mirror


Rainproof or W aterproof mirror f ilm for  Car Rear view Mirrors  in elliptical size  100x150 -  2pcs  

Anti-rain film
Waterproof membrane
Scratch proof
Dust proof
No Oil stain
Thinner & cheaner 
It is better clarity for your rear view mirror on the foggy and rainy days.
2pcs 100x150 Rainproof membrane Car Rear view Mirror waterproof film in elliptical
2pcs 100x150 Rainproof membrane Car Rear view Mirror waterproof Sticker in elliptical 
2pcs 100x150 Rainproof film Car Rear view Mirror waterproof membrane in elliptical 
Material: PET
Color: Transparent
Application area: Rearview Mirror
Mounting Type: Sticker
Product size: 15*10cm
Quantity: 2pcs
How to Install Rainproof film/sticker:
It will take just few minutes to install the film to your rearview mirror directly,
1,Squirt a little water on the mirror, 
2, Clean up the mirror with a cloth.
3, Stick the protective film to the mirror  
4, Flatten surface with a small scraper, quick/easy/convenient.
5, Done
Package Information:
Package Size: 22*14.5*0.2cm 
Package Weight: 31g 
Package List:
2x Anti-Fog film 
1x Accessories
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