High-torque Brushless Motor Fascia Massage gun

High-torque Brushless Motor Fascia Massage gun
Deliver quiet experience
More power
1. Material: ABS
2. Massage head material: PP + EVA
3. Motor head diameter: 30mm
4. Beat range: 10 mm
5. Speed: 8-speed adjustable
6. Speed range: 1100-3200 rpm
7. Decibel: 45-60Db
8. Display mode: LCD digital display
9. Accessories: charger / 4 massage heads / user manual / suitcase
10. Rated voltage: 100-240V AC
11. Rated power: 16.65W
12. Charging time: about 2 hours
13. Working time: about 4-5 hours
14. Certificate: FDA, CE, RoHs, FCC,
15. Product size: 15.9*21*6.8cm
16. Color: black/silver/gray
17. Product gross weight: 1.1 / 2.5KG (with suitcase)
18. Capacity: 2500mAh
19. Type: High-energy lithium battery
20. Charging voltage: 16.8V DC
21. Output frequency: 50 / 60Hz
22. Rated output: DC17V / 0.7A
Head 1,Suitable for the pectoral muscie,shoulder and neck
Head 2,U-shaped head for both sides of the spine
Head 3,Suitable for thigh muscies and calves
Head 4,Can be used for local pain points or small muscle groups
What's in the box?
Handbag x1
Massage Gun  x1
Massage Head  x4
Charger    X1
User Manual   x1