Konjac Face Cleaning Sponge

Konjac Face Cleaning Sponge Features:
Konjac Puff Natural Exfoliator sponge,Face Cleaning Sponge,Round Shape Konjac Face Washing Sponge
1.100% natural,produced from natural konjac plant flour without any irritated chemical elements
2.This product is dry, rapid softened after in water ,suitable for any sensitive skin.
100% Brand New & High quality 
Comfort the damage skin such as sun-burned skin.
Moisturizing and cleaning your face, suitable for all type of skin 
Easy to make spume and clean your face tenderly 
Give you a perfect foundation application every single time 
If used daily, we recommend washing your sponge once a week with a mild cleanser 
Baby shampoo or any low sudsing soap will work. Rinse well and air dry